What is XP?


XP stands for eXperience Points. It’s our valuable currency on the Hero Beast.

You get XP every time you engage in some way on the site. Collect as many as you can to unlock awesome features on the site and get wicked fun swag in the mail. Log into your account to see how much XP you have accumulated.

Collect xp-sm

• 50 XP for free for allowing us to send you cheap deals. Get it now!
• At least 100 XP on every purchase
• Watch for double XP on special products
• Free XP codes are occasionally distributed via email!

Redeem xp-sm

• 150 XP to unlock one free shipping code
• 500 XP to receive an amazing little surprise super hero gift
• 1000 XP for a free Hulkbuster action figure!